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We're always looking for great people to work with on this great expedition into the future! If you want to take an active part in the Jewish Cloud Nation, please let us know!

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Tikkun Olam


The code of the Jewish Cloud Nation will be open and transparent, and will be shared with everyone to allow for further creation of other cloud nations, to serve the needs of citizens of the entire world without the involvement of dysfunctional governments or corrupted regimes.

​As such, the Jewish Cloud Nation will fulfill one of the most important Jewish values: that of Tikkun Olam (literally “repairing the world”). It will do that by setting a new standard for a novel national model.

Why Now?

Why Now?

With groundbreaking developments in communication and internet technologies, alongside the invention of blockchain technologies which can decentralize and automate a large number of processes, we have the opportunity to create an organization whose members can debate issues and reach decisions together. In that way, the Jewish Cloud Nation will be the exact sum of all its members and reflect their values and heritage.

Those same technologies will allow the decentralization and automation of a large number of financial and bureaucratic processes, which only governments and large firms can perform today. As a result, the decentralized cloud nation will be able to offer many services that are currently firmly in the hands of governments: insurance, document storage and verification, secure ID management, tax management and even arbitration between two sides in a dispute.

The Birth of Cloud Nations

In the past, people could only gain power by owning land. Today, the internet and blockchain technologies enable people to form new semi-national organizations that can provide decentralized services without the need for territory. These services can be provided on the cloud in a reliable and efficient way, and will be defined, operated and maintained by the members of each cloud nation.

Cloud Services

By powering a set of decentralized smart contracts, the member of the Jewish Cloud Nation will support each other with various services. These will include decentralized peer-to-peer insurance, shared document storage, a crypto-safe social security ID, and a dispute resolution system. The services will be based on blockchain technologies and thus be practically impregnable to hacking and unauthorized changes. Due to their digital and automated nature, they’ll be provided at a minimal marginal cost which cumbersome and bureaucratic governments cannot compete with.

Shared Jewish Values

The Jewish Cloud Nation will provide services for Jews all over the world, with no prejudice of any kind. It will be formed and shaped in accordance with the core values of its members. The Jewish Cloud Nation is the continuation of the historical journey to identify the core values of the Jewish people and expressing them in a communal way that will support all Jews.

The Jewish Cloud Nation

What is it all about?

The Jewish Cloud Nation

"Kol Israel Arevim Zeh La-Zeh" - All Jews Are Responsible for Each Other

The Jewish Cloud Nation is a new organizational structure that aims at providing services to Jews around the world, in a fully decentralized way with no geographical limitations.

The Jewish Cloud Nation welcomes all Jewish people and anyone who wishes to partake in Jewish life. It reflects the complex multicultural and varied movements of Judaism; It provides its members a shared peoplehood: an ethos based in the rich and deep Jewish history.

The Jewish Cloud Nation will institute decentralized digital services, via which its members will share peer-to-peer insurance, peer-to-peer dispute resolution systems, peer-to-peer document storage and peer-to-peer support. Since those services will be decentralized and provided ‘in the cloud’, the Jewish Cloud Nation will not have a defined territory, and its algorithms will be run and powered by all its members.

The Jewish Cloud Nation will continue to exist for as long as a large enough number of people wish for it to exist. It will not rely on physical territory, or on any other institute or territorial nation. With the Jewish Cloud Nation there would be no Jewish Diaspora. The Jewish Cloud Nation will accompany and support all Jews, wherever they are.

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Soon we’ll open the shared thinking, discussions and voting process via which the values and characteristics of the Jewish Cloud Nation will be defined, as well as the first services for its members. Take part in the journey to determine the core values of the young cloud nation, and be the first to enjoy the global cloud services! We promise not to share your e-mail address or your details with any third party.


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